Street Art: Murder Kroger

Murder Kroger Street Art - Atlanta - The City Dweller (1)

The Kroger supermarket at 725 Ponce de Leon Ave has gotten a super-friendly makeover. Given that it’s nickname used to be Murder Kroger, suffice to say that they’re definitely trying to re-brand.

Given that we all know how much I love to gawk at street art, I was only too keen to check it out. Peep the pics and video below:

Murder Kroger Street Art - Atlanta - The City Dweller (8)

This 28-by-186-foot mural was designed by three SCAD illustration students Jing Li, Hanrou Li, and Sena Kwon, and painted by the Loss Prevention mural collective.

Murder Kroger Street Art - Atlanta - The City Dweller (6)

I don’t even think that “wholesome” is adequate enough of a word to describe this pretty amazing mural.

Murder Kroger Street Art - Atlanta - The City Dweller (5)

Murder Kroger Street Art - Atlanta - The City Dweller (4)

See the whole mural in this 13-second video:



I don’t know the details of how this Kroger got that nickname, but it’s safe to guess that there was murder involved. I think it happened a few decades ago, so that nickname had some real staying power.

Never deterred me from parking there, though, even at night. We’ve parked there a trillion times in the dead of night (no pun intended) and headed right over to MJQ. I think with the re-brand, they’re going to cut down on people doing that kind of thing though. Oh well.

So this Kroger is now known as BeltLine Kroger, given it’s trendy new neighbors like the Atlanta BeltLine, Historic Fourth Ward Park, and Ponce City Market.

Street Art - BeltLine Kroger - The City Dweller

But it’ll always be Murder Kroger to me.


Since publishing the above, there has been another incident of violence at this Kroger. Terribly sad for the victim’s family. Read more about it here. RIP.


Murder Kroger has been torn down as of Fall 2016. Making way for new housing options.


  • Stct
    Thank you for showcasing & preserving this joyful mural. I love it so much. Please leave this up forever. :) (In stark contrast, the renderings of the 725 Ponce development replacing the old Kroger illustrate a disturbingly "monochrome" vision of the location's future. :-( )
  • cjmoon
    It got the nickname because of the crowd that hang around. A gathering of crowd = a murder. :)

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