DIY New Year’s Eve Dress

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration! Whether you went out or stayed in for the night, I hope you brought in 2016 in a way that made you happy.

Personally, I had a fantastic New Year’s Eve, but not for the reason you might typically think.

Did I pop bottles? Why, yes, actually.

Did I go up… on Tuesday (Thursday)? Indeed I did, good sir.

Did I smooch my chap as the clock struck midnight while a flurry of confetti, balloons, and champagne swirled around our heads?

You bet your favorite pair of red bottoms I did.

But the real reason that I had such a good New Year’s Eve is the fact that I made my own dress!

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (4)

You may be familiar with my forays into sewing from this post about Fabricate Studios, and also the DIY magazine bag I made (which was also featured on xoNecole!). But making garments that I can actually put on my body and wear outside is entirely new territory for me.

Yet I’m super proud of my first attempt!

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (1)

I got four yards of this amazingly sparkly fabric from Hancock’s Fabric on Tuesday, and dreamed up the design by staring at it once I got home, draping it across my body until I found shapes and silhouettes that I liked. Then I whipped out my Singer sewing machine, in the newly formed sewing nook in my room, and pulled it together.

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (12)

It’s got a pink under layer, but you can only really see it when I’m twirling.

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (6)

And yes I do have a The City Dweller nameplate necklace because I’m bout that life:

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (5)

I was floored at how many compliments I got on this dress. After taking these quick pics, we had a few errands to run, so I kept the dress on and just buttoned-up a blue cardigan over it (the bodice of this dress likes to shift around and can be a little revealing for daytime!) and also put on some black leggings and black sneakers. And I still got four compliments from strangers on the dress and one request from an older lady that I make her one!

It also got a lot of love on my personal Facebook page, and that has given me the confidence to continue on this sewing path. It is something that I really, really enjoy. And there no better feeling than wearing something that truly expresses you.

I received several compliments at the party as well, which was very kind. Given that everyone was dressed to the nines, I did not expect anyone to notice my little dress. I appreciate the support!

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (7)

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (8)

New Year's Eve Dres 2015 - The City Dweller (10)


I wish you peace, love, excellent health, and happiness in 2016!


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