Coca Cola Country

This mini-post is in protest to the fact that several servers lately have asked me if I wanted a Pepsi, instead of a Coke.

The answer is always no.

Pepsi isn’t Coke. And I live in Atlanta. Where the World of Coca Cola is.

In fact, I’m going to visit that tourist attraction soon, just to punctuate my point.

I. Drink. Coca Cola.


Also, I like this street art, seen in Midtown.

Now, good day.

I said good day.


  • I actually meant to say this is very entertaining!! And. Informative! I'm from Atl, but I don't stay on top of the latest spots. And looking at some of the food, I'm expanding my choices there also. So. Thanks
  • Yashica Hunter
    RIGHT! Girlfriend I feel u & I live in Chattanooga; The home of Coca-cola.

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