Street Art

Street Art: East Atlanta

On my way to Le Petit Marche the other day, I passed this house in East Atlanta, and fell in love with the street art. The fact that the house is painted my favorite color is a cherry on top. :-) Turns out this place is a dance studio called Metropolitan Studios, so the two-story mural […]

Coca Cola Country

This mini-post is in protest to the fact that several servers lately have asked me if I wanted a Pepsi, instead of a Coke. The answer is always no. Pepsi isn’t Coke. And I live in Atlanta. Where the World of Coca Cola is. In fact, I’m going to visit that tourist attraction soon, just to punctuate […]

Street Art: Marietta St

Zipping along from downtown Atlanta to West Midtown the other day, I came across this gorgeous piece of street art. As is my wont, I stopped the car to take a closer look. You know how I love bright colors. I can’t even begin to guess what’s going on in this piece – seems to […]

Street Art: Moreland Ave

Atlanta has really stepped up its street art game over the past decade. The quantity, quality, and creativity of public art keeps increasing, much to my delight. Thanks to organizations like Living Walls, dozens and dozens of murals in varying styles, sizes, stories, and levels of intricacy now breathe new life into Atlanta’s neighborhoods, becoming an indelible part of their visual […]

Street Art: Reynoldstown Ants

I’m digging this interesting street art in Reynoldstown. I believe this mural was painted by artists Labrona and OverUnder for Living Walls in 2011. It’s cheeky, isn’t it? Late night at work, the lightbulb swinging over the heads of two exhausted workers who’ve finally succumbed to the need to sleep. We’ve all felt this way at […]

Street Art: Downtown Atlanta

I love this piece of street art, spotted downtown, near Skyview Atlanta. Perfectly encapsulating the fun of child’s play. It reminds me of my childhood, when the simplest things would be so fun, just climbing trees and riding bikes and eating crab apples and making up stories and playing with bugs and reading books by the lake. […]

Street Art: Hebru Brantley on Edgewood Ave

On our way to brunch the other day, my friend Sade and I happened upon the newest bit of street art to grace Old Fourth Ward: Seen on the side of The SoundTable, this mural painted on brick is more than meets the eye. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the main characters, shown in artist Hebru Brantley‘s […]

Street Art: Lucile Avenue Bridge

Kinetic street art is the best. It’s got an energy, a motion of its own. Take this colorful example below, called The Highball Artist, seen underneath the Lucile Avenue bridge on the BeltLine. This will always be one of my favorites in Atlanta. The artist, Hadley Breckenridge, imaged buckets of paint being tipped off the […]

Street Art: Summerhill

Colorful street art seen in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta. Both pieces were painted for Living Walls. I can’t see on the Living Walls website who this artist is, but I’ll check on it and get back to you. Right around the corner is more art, in a starkly different style: Painted for Living Walls, […]

Tiny Doors ATL

If ever there was a moment in which you feel like you’ve plopped into the storyline of “Alice in Wonderland”, it is likely to be when you first happen to pass by a tiny door in Atlanta. It could happen anywhere, at any time. You could be jogging the Eastside Trail on the Atlanta BeltLine, […]

Street Art: BeltLine Sign

The underpass near The Masquerade on North Ave has a new bit of street art that honors the Atlanta BeltLine! No longer a dank, forgotten swath of concrete, this underpass is now as vibrant as many parts of the BeltLine itself, which glides right above it, in the form of the popular Eastside Trail. This piece […]
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