The Crawfish Boil

I love any kind of cookout. There’s something about eating outside under the shade of trees and in the company of good people that just makes food taste richer and better! When my friend Andrea invited me to the crawfish boil that she and her friends were throwing, I was keen to join the fun. […]

The Return of Polaris

While out on the town in Atlanta, it’s not often that your drink runs away from you. Literally. As in, you are standing in your spot and your drink is actually moving away from you. That’s what could happen when dining at a rotating restaurant! Atlantans are excited for the return of Polaris, our city’s […]

The Ice Cream Bar Launch Party

You ever have one of those nights that start off great and just veer into the incredible? One of those nights that just sort of take on a magical quality that surprises and delights you and makes you giggle on the inside? That was my night a few days ago, when I attended the launch […]

Good Shepherd Community Garden

Just take a moment and gaze upon this glory-giving sunflower: It stood sentinel over the sprawling urban farm I visited on Saturday, posing for me in the dappled midday sunlight, its leaves open wide in the best sun salutation I’ve ever seen. These are but two of the 8 ft tall sunflowers that grow in […]

Blueberry French Toast

Brunch is one of the best meals ever invented. Several Atlanta restaurants do brunch reeeally well, like West Egg, Radial Cafe, Le Petit Marche, and Sun in my Belly. But there is something to be said about having a nice brunch at home. Of course, you must have the right ingredients. That is key. But if […]

Silky Red Velvet Cake

Mmmm….. red velvet cake, a southern favorite. This has long been a guilty pleasure of mine, and I bet I’m not alone in thinking this is a little slice of heaven. Lucky for me (but unlucky for my waistline), I happen to have a roommate who is the queen of all things sweet-tooth and specializes […]

Impromptu BBQ

Just attended my first mini-cookout of the season! Yesssss! You know what this means? It means that warm weather and warm spirits are officially here. No matter that there’s been rather chilly weather ’round Atlanta (for late-April); a cookout means that we’re ready to whip out the marinades, the charcoal, the skewers, the buffets of […]

The Optimist

Happy birthday to my lovely friend and photographer, T! T loves loves loves she-crab soup, so I made reservations at The Optimist, in order to celebrate the day of her birth in style. It was a wonderful night. Despite being a Wednesday, the place was packed with people ready to eat their fill of east […]

The Sweet Auburn Curb Market

I needed a little breath of fresh air on my lunch break yesterday, so I decided to explore the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, a local open-space market in Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. According to their website, the market first opened under a tent back in 1918; then in 1924, the Women’s Club of Atlanta raised […]