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Weekend Getaway to Asheville, NC

I’ve got a confession: as much time as I’ve been city dwelling in Atlanta, this is my first time visiting Asheville. Considering that several of my friends absolutely love it there, I’ve been meaning to check it out for quite some time! So last weekend, my friend Natalie and I threw our bags in the car and hit […]

Exploring The Biltmore

On our final day in Asheville, we decided to take a quick peek at a tiny little cottage called The Biltmore. Really, it’s so small, you might not even notice it. Sure, they like to call it an “estate” and toss around stats like “America’s largest private home” and “it sits on 8,000 acres”. But in reality, it’s […]

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

On Saturday, we were up before the sun. Getting dressed in a half-sleepy daze punctuated by jolts of excitement. We were going hot air ballooning! This has been a bucket list item of mine since the turn of the century (lol), and now it was happening. But I’d fantasized more about the amazing view than the reality […]